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   1:- module(conf_cache, []).
   2:- use_module(library(semweb/rdf_cache)).
   4/** <module> Configure caching of RDF inputs
   6Configure caching of RDF inputs. If enabled, RDF input graphs are stored
   7in fast-load format in the given cache   directory. This provides a huge
   8speedup for loading RDF into the database.   Note that if persistency is
   9enabled (default), RDF data is  stored   efficiently  in  the files that
  10realise the persistent RDF database  and   enabling  caching  only makes
  11sense if the persistent database is  frequently wiped and re-filled with
  12(partially) the same data.
  14Unloading this plugin  does  _not_   disable  caching.  Instead,  change
  15*enabled* to =false=.
  18:- rdf_set_cache_options([ enabled(true),
  19			   global_directory('cache/rdf'),
  20			   create_global_directory(true)
  21			 ]).