[not loaded]PublicShow sourcehttps_only.pl -- Configure the HTTPS server

To enable HTTPS, create a directory http inside the config-enabled directory of the application and add the following files:

Contains the server certificate. Passed as certificate_file(File) to the ssl_context/3 predicate. This file may be omitted, in which case the server-key.pem is also passed using the key_file(+File) option.
Contains the private key for the server. Passed as key_file(File) option of ssl_context/3.
Needs to hold the password if the private key is protected with a password. Passed using the password(Password) option of ssl_context/3.
See also
- http://www.swi-prolog.org/pldoc/doc_for?object=ssl_context/3 for a description of these files.