PublicShow -- GNU readline interface

This library binds GNU libreadline to SWI-Prolog. The GNU readline library provides emacs and vi based editing of queries on the Prolog toplevel, including TAB-based completion and history.

This library is by default loaded into an interactive Prolog process that is connected to a (Unix) terminal. Loading can be stopped by setting the Prolog flag readline to false.

- Although the interface is BSD-licensed, the GNU readline library itself is covered by the GPL (General Public License). This implies that loading this library in an application makes all code loaded into the application subject to the GPL conditions.
rl_read_init_file(+File) is det
Read a GNU readline config file. See the GNU readline manual for details.
rl_add_history(+Line) is det
Add a line to the history.
rl_write_history(+File) is det
Save the history to File. This can be reloaded in a next session using rl_read_history/1.
rl_read_history(+File) is det
Read a saved history from File.