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This module allows loading data into the semantic web library directly from an HTTP server. The following example loads the RDF core data into the RDF database.

:- use_module(library(semweb/rdf_db)).
:- use_module(library(semweb/rdf_http_plugin)).

Sourcerdf_extra_headers(-RequestHeaders:list(compound), +Options:list) is det[private]
Send extra headers with the request. Note that, although we also process RDF embedded in HTML, we do not explicitely ask for it. Doing so causes some (e.g., to reply with the HTML description rather than the RDF).

When given, option format(+atom) is used in order to prioritize the corresponding RDF content types.

Sourcerdf_db:rdf_open_hook(+Scheme, +URL, +HaveModified, -Stream, -Cleanup, -Modified, -Format, +Options) is semidet[multifile]
Load hook implementation for HTTP(S) URLs.
HaveModified- is bound to a timestamp (number) if we already have a copy and that copy was modified at HaveModified.
Modified- is bound to unknown, not_modified or a timestamp.
Sourcessl_verify(+SSL, +ProblemCert, +AllCerts, +FirstCert, +Error)[private]
Currently we accept all certificates.
Sourcemodified_since_header(+LastModified, -ExtraHeaders) is det[private]
Add an If-modified-since if we have a version with the given time-stamp.
Sourceopen_envelope(+ContentType, +SourceURL, +Stream0, -Stream, ?Format) is semidet[private]
Open possible envelope formats.
Sourcerdf_accept_header_value(?Format:rdf_format, -AcceptValue:atom) is det[private]
Sourcerdf_content_type(?MediaType:atom, ?QualityValue:between(0.0,1.0), ?Format:rdf_format) is nondet[multifile]
Quality values are intended to be used in accordance with RFC 2616. Quality values are determined based on the following criteria:
ASupported RDF parser0.43
BRDF-specific content type0.33
COfficial content type0.23

For example, text/turtle has quality value 0.99 because it is an official content type that is RDF-specific and that has a parser in Semweb.

This intentionally allows the user to add another content type with a higher Q-value (i.e., >0.99).

Deduce the RDF encoding from the mime-type. This predicate is defined as multifile such that the user can associate additional content types to RDF formats.

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- The turtle parser only parses a subset of n3. (The N3 format is treated as if it were Turtle.)