menu_item(?Item, ?Label)[multifile, cpacks(hooks)]
This hook adds an item to the ClioPatria menu. Item is a term of the form [rank=]popup/item, where popup denotes the name of the popup menu and item is a (new) item to be added to the popup. The item is the handler-identifier of the HTTP handler that implements the item (see http_handler/3). Label is the label displayed. rank defines the position inside the popup. The built-in items are numbered 100,200,...

For example, if we want to add a new item to the Repository menu after Load from library that crawls LOD data, we can use the following code:

:- use_module(cliopatria(hooks)).
:- use_module(library(http/http_dispatch)).

:- handler(cliopatria('crawl_lod_form'), crawl_lod_form, []).

cliopatria:menu_item(400=repository/crawl_lod_form, 'Crawl LOD').

crawl_lod_form(Request) :-
See also
- The menu_label/2 and menu_popup_order/2 hooks provide further control over the menu.
- cp_menu:menu_item/2 implements the default menu.
cliopatria:menu_item(-Item, -Label) is nondet[multifile, applications(help/load)]
Extends the help popup with links to the source-code and the HTTP services.