Distinct objects for predicate rdfs:label in graph nao sorted by frequency with mapping to SKOS

ResourceCountSKOS mapping
"alternative label"1
"alternative symbol"1
"created at"1
"direct trust"1
"endorsed by"1
"engineering tool"1
"external identifier"1
"favourited by"1
"has Subresource"1
"has Superresource"1
"has data graph"1
"has default namespace"1
"has default namespace abbreviation"1
"has symbol"1
"has tag"1
"has topic"1
"is data graph for"1
"is related to"1
"is tag for"1
"is topic of"1
"last modified at"1
"maintained by"1
"modified at"1
"network trust"1
"numeric rating"1
"personal identifier"1
"preferred label"1
"preferred label plural form"1
"preferred symbol"1
"privacy level"1
"serialization language"1
"trust level"1
"user visible"1