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"WGS84 Geo Positioning: an RDF vocabulary"
"Recent changes to this namespace: $Log: wgs84_pos.rdf,v $ Revision 1.22 2009/04/20 15:00:30 timbl Remove the time bits which have been deal with elsewhere eg in iCal. Revision 1.21 2009/04/20 12:52:47 timbl try again Revision 1.20 2009/04/20 12:42:11 timbl Add Event (edited ages ago and never checked in), and location (following discussion http://chatlogs.planetrdf.com/swig/2009-04-20#T12-36-09) Revision 1.19 2009/04/20 12:36:31 timbl Add Event (edited ages ago and never checked in), and location (following discussion http://chatlogs.planetrdf.com/swig/2009-04-20#T12-36-09) Revision 1.18 2006/02/01 22:01:04 danbri Clarified that lat and long are decimal degrees, and that alt is decimal metres about local reference ellipsoid Revision 1.17 2004/02/06 17:38:12 danbri Fixed a bad commit screwup Revision 1.15 2003/04/19 11:24:08 danbri Fixed the typo even more. Revision 1.14 2003/04/19 11:16:56 danbri fixed a typo Revision 1.13 2003/02/19 22:27:27 connolly relaxed domain constraints on lat/long/alt from Point to SpatialThing Revision 1.12 2003/01/12 01:41:41 danbri Trying local copy of XSLT doc. Revision 1.11 2003/01/12 01:20:18 danbri added a link to morten's xslt rdfs viewer. Revision 1.10 2003/01/11 18:56:49 danbri Removed datatype range from lat and long properties, since they would have required each occurance of the property to mention the datatype. Revision 1.9 2003/01/11 11:41:31 danbri Another typo; repaired rdfs:Property to rdf:Property x4 Revision 1.8 2003/01/11 11:05:02 danbri Added an rdfs:range for each lat/long/alt property, http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#float Revision 1.7 2003/01/10 20:25:16 danbri Longer rdfs:comment for Point, trying to be Earth-centric and neutral about coordinate system(s) at the same time. Feedback welcomed. Revision 1.6 2003/01/10 20:18:30 danbri Added CVS log comments into the RDF/XML as an rdfs:comment property of the vocabulary. Note that this is not common practice (but seems both harmless and potentially useful). revision 1.5 date: 2003/01/10 20:14:31; author: danbri; state: Exp; lines: +16 -5 Updated schema: Added a dc:date, added url for more info. Changed the rdfs:label of the namespace from gp to geo. Added a class Point, set as the rdfs:domain of each property. Added XML comment on the lat_long property suggesting that we might not need it (based on #rdfig commentary from implementors). revision 1.4 date: 2003/01/10 20:01:07; author: danbri; state: Exp; lines: +6 -5 Fixed typo; several rdfs:about attributes are now rdf:about. Thanks to MortenF in #rdfig for catching this error. revision 1.3 date: 2003/01/10 11:59:03; author: danbri; state: Exp; lines: +4 -3 fixed buglet in vocab, added more wgs links revision 1.2 date: 2003/01/10 11:01:11; author: danbri; state: Exp; lines: +4 -4 Removed alt from the as-a-flat-string property, and switched from space separated to comma separated. revision 1.1 date: 2003/01/10 10:53:23; author: danbri; state: Exp; basic geo vocab "
"$Date: 2009/04/20 15:00:30 $"
"A vocabulary for representing latitude, longitude and altitude information in the WGS84 geodetic reference datum. Version $Id: wgs84_pos.rdf,v 1.22 2009/04/20 15:00:30 timbl Exp $. See http://www.w3.org/2003/01/geo/ for more details."

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