PublicShow -- ClioPatria main module

This module loads the ClioPatria server as a library, providing the public predicates defined in the header. Before loading this file, the user should set up a the search path cliopatria. For example:

:- dynamic
:- multifile

user:file_search_path(cliopatria, '/usr/local/cliopatria').

:- use_module(cliopatria(cliopatria)).
See also
Sourcecp_server is det
Sourcecp_server(:Options) is det
Start the HTTP server. This predicate preforms the following steps:
  1. Load application settings from settings.db
  2. Load user-data from users.db
  3. Start the HTTP server
  4. Load the RDF persistent database from RDF-store
  5. Execute `after load' options registered using cp_after_load/1.

Defined options are:

Attach to Port instead of the port specified in the configuration file settings.db.
Number of worker threads to use. Default is the setting http:workers
Rebase the server. See also the setting http:prefix.
Directory to use as persistent store. See also the setting cliopatria:persistent_store.
Settings file. Default is settings.db.
Sourcecp_after_load(:Goal) is det
Register Goal to be executed after reloading the RDF persistent DB. Note that already registered goals are not duplicated. Running a goal after loading the database is commonly used to ensure presence of relevant schemas or build additional indices. Note that it is possible to start a thread for time-consuming tasks (see thread_create/3).
Print welcome banner.
Sourcehttp:create_pool(+Pool) is semidet[multifile]
Create a thread-pool on-demand.