All predicatesShow -- Portray RDF resources

This module defines rules for portray/1 to help tracing and debugging RDF resources by printing them in a more concise representation and optionally adding comment from the label field to help the user interpreting the URL. The main predicates are:

To be done
- Define alternate predicate to use for providing a comment
- Use rdf:type if there is no meaningful label?
- Smarter guess whether or not the local identifier might be meaningful to the user without a comment. I.e. does it look `word-like'?
Sourcerdf_portray_as(+Style) is det
Set the style used to portray resources. Style is one of:
Write as NS:ID, compatible with what can be handed to the rdf predicates. This is the default.
Use quoted write of the full resource.
Write namespace followed by the label. This format cannot be handed to rdf/3 and friends, but can be useful if resource-names are meaningless identifiers.
This combines prefix:id with prefix:label, providing both human readable output and output that can be pasted into the commandline.
Sourcerdf_portray_lang(+Lang) is det
If Lang is a list, set the list or preferred languages. If it is a single atom, push this language as the most preferred language.